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Duel Network Project Details:
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Those who hold the TAPE or TAPE LPs will have the right to buy a guarantee !

IDO progress will be done in 2 rounds,
If ido tokens do not expire in the first round, they will be re-opened in the second round as tier privileges.

ApeTools IDO Platform Tiers $TAPE Holders:

  • Baboon — 10,000 $TAPE

ApeTools IDO Platform Tiers $TAPE-BNB ApeSwap LP Holders:

  • Baboon — 62,5 TAPE — BNB ApeSwap LP Baboon

ApeTools IDO Platform Tiers $TAPE-HEPA ApeSwap LP Holders:

  • Baboon — 3000 TAPE — HEPA ApeSwap LP Baboon

ApeTools IDO Platform Tiers $TAPE-BNB Macaronswap (Pancakeswap) LP Holders:

  • Baboon — 62,5 TAPE — BNB Pancakeswap LP Baboon

ApeTools IDO Platform Tiers $TAPE Macaronswap Staking LP Holders:

  • Baboon — 10,000 $TAPE

ApeTools IDO Platform Tiers $Moo Ape TAPE-BNB Beefy LP Holders:

  • Baboon — 62,5 TAPE — BNB ApeSwap LP Baboon

ApeTools Team will take snapshots everyday until IDO start, the average value will determine your tier !
All Tiers will have guaranteed allocation !

Duel Network IDO Sale on

IDO Date:

Monday August 30th 9:00 AM UTC

Snapshot Starts for Tiers:

Tuesday August 3rd, 13:00 UTC

IDO Sale Token Price:

$0.075 BUSD

ApeSwap Listing Date and Time:

Monday August 30th

Maximum Token Supply:

Tokenomics Premint: 20,000,000 $DUEL

Tokens Available in ApeTools IDO Sale:

1,333,333 $DUEL.

Circulating Supply at Listing:

1,288,888 $DUEL

Market Capitalization at Listing:


Total Raise:

$100,000 USD

IDO Sale Vesting Schedule:

%20 initial unlock, %20 release per month for 4 months

40,000$ worth of BNB & 40,000$ worth of $DUEL
Totally 80,000$ liquidity will be locked on ApeSwap Vesting Factory

Note that:
Duel Network has not done their Private Sale yet and we are working on partnership for Private Sale, details will be given on

Learn about TAPE’s recent official news:

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About Duel Network

Duel Network is a gaming token on Binance Smart Chain with a number of impressive features. It is a gaming token where you can play events that are suitable for voting, such as politics, finance, state elections, especially sports.

The most important feature of Duel Network is that you never lose. You will be able to do farming by entering pools through preferences and voting without losing your capital.


  • Private Sale will be on Duel Network Platform

User Experience for Companies

Thanks to Duel Network, companies will be able to choose the best product experience for themselves by using the preference survey pools they have created. Duel network users who participated in this survey will also be able to receive rewards.

For example, if the company is stuck between option A and option B, it will create two pools in option A and option B and allow 1 month. If there is more participation in Pool A, Pool A will win. The total reward of pools A and B will be distributed to pool A.

Competitive Farming

Duel Network will allow you to play for the first time without losing your capital. Thanks to Competitive Farming, if you play on a match and you lose, you will only lose your bi-weekly pool reward. Your LPs will remain with you. If you win, the reward of the other pool will be distributed to your pool. The non-favourite team/person will have a higher aprs and

For example, let’s consider the final of the Euro 2020 championship, two pools named Italy and England will be opened with equal multiplier. Since there is no bookmaker in the system, the System will work naturally. The favorite team’s pool will have lower APR, while the non-Favorite team will have higher APR.

For example,
2 groups predict bitcoin’s weekly candle forecast at $40,000 above and below,
Main LP fund will not be lost in either group.
Only the loser’s farm pool reward will be added to the winner’s farm reward.

In this way, perhaps for the first time in the world, we will create a voting system with a 99 percent payout. (0.5 percent of each pool reward will be sent to the developer wallet as a developer fee and 0.5 percent reward will be sent affiliate wallets.)

Digital Product Ratings

The DUEL token will not only be used for farming and gaming, but also for various events. One of them is Digital product rating. DUEL Holders will be bounty hunters by participating in various rating events and can win DUEL rewards.


Members can stake $DUEL for earn $DUEL on Duel Network platform, members able to evaluate their competitive farm rewards for stake.


One thing Duel Network is planning to bring will be the lottery system. The DUEL pool collected with the lottery to be organized every week will be given to the lucky people. If there is no winner in Lottery, this pool will be sent to burn adress.


Duel Network will have an affiliate system. If you send a ref link to your friends and put them in the system, a certain percentage of the prizes they win will be sent to your wallet in each prize distribution. In this way, you will be able to win together with your friends.

Technical Operation Diagram


  • Website And Social Media Release

To be Updated.


  • Tokenomics Premint: 20,000,000 $DUEL


Duel Network has legit partnership with ApeTools, ApeSwap, Hepa Finance, MacaronSwap.

About Duel Network

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A tool for Binance Smart chains ApeSwap🍌 and Dex trading, #bsc Pairs and Pool explorer, follow for private sale and public sale TG: